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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hunk of The Month - Stephen Moriarty - 2

Steve Moriarty in 2010
It's hard to imagine improving on this standadrd of muscular definition.
It looks like Steve has streamlined his body fat for another contest here.
The fat loss shows in his face too, he's about 25 years old here.

I don't know how these pecs rate in Body Building Circles but they look terrific to me. Chewy or what!  The bulking up process appears to have restored a more youthful appearance and softened the body definition, which I much prefer.
Steve Moriarty by Rick Day 2011
2011 seems to be the year that Steven gets 'discovered' by commercial photographers. This photo by Rick Day is from the same session as the lead picture in part 1 of this article.

In this shoot we get a  glimpse of coy, laddish sexuality. Rick gets him to stand on his toes, Steve butches up, but looks back at the camera with some suspicion. The authority relationship between photographer and model is a real mitchmen thing! This clever pose pushes Stephen's pelvis forward (yum!) but also makes his calves swell, balancing the bulk of his mighty thighs, so they appear shapely and strong but not totally over-developed.
Steve Moriarty by Rick Day 2011
 There's a rather sweet, youthful sensitivity about many of Stephen's images, but here Rick Day captures a more adult thoughtfulness. It contrasts intriguingly with the model's muscular body image, his competitive personality and combat sport interests. Rick portrays him as a reflective, gentle giant.

The uplifted arms protecting and cushioning the head are symbolic of vulnerability. But there's an artful sensuality in the pose too as attractively-shaped pectorals are revealed, leading the eye down to the focus of the lower half of the picture which is the striking, white underwear with it's erotic front pouch. The model has been asked to twist towards us so we may better see it's shape. The skimpy cut of this garment flatters both thigh and buttock and I suspect the rear view is equally enchanting.
Steve Moriarty Three Ways by Joe Ticknow, 2011
Interestingly, in the same year, photographer Joe Ticknow also picks up on characteristics of thoughtfulness and shy reticence which I have illustrated in this fantasy montage. The Tee-shirt slogan seems completely inappropriate but boyishly charming. This tease might easily be the lead-in to a mitchmen story about a very naive model - but I'm sure Stephen isn't one of them!

In this same shoot, Joe also captured a very different side to Stephen which I will headline in the next post...............

Photo credits:  Lead picture borrowed with thanks from Stephen Moriarty's public profile -  Man of Steel at, white bikini images by Rick Day, 'I'm a beast' by Joe Ticknow (this is his vanilla business site, for men it's better to Google his images). Contest shots by Repetrope.

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Hunk of The Month - Stephen Moriaty - 1

Stephen Moriarty by Rick Day 2011
This series features men who for some reason catch hold of my imagination to the extent that I feel impelled to obsessively hunt down images of them. I featured this image some time ago at my 'gateway' site without knowing who the handsome model was. A reader named him for me, but my efforts to verify his identitity tip led me into a fascinating world of wrestling, body building, and modelling, a glimpse of one young man's journey.

This picture shows Steven aged around 20, when says he started body-building, so we must attribute his already creditable definition to his college wrestling career. The frightened rabbit look and post adolescent, puppy fat contrasts markedly with the confident man captured by Rick Day (above) only six years later.

This picture shows Stephen posing in the Mid-Illinois Body Building Championships in 2007. He's bracketed by two ferocious-looking, black guys, which may be the reason why he's still got that anxious look we find so endearing at mitchmen. You'd think he was up for sale, not up for a prize!

Stephen's experiment with the bleach-blond look might have been a mistake,
but the choice of blue swimsuit certainly wasn't. 

By 2008 he's bulking up nicely. This informal shot shows a softer, most attractive muscle tone and  his relative youth still shows through. From this picture it would appear Stephen's not a very tidy boy - and I'd love to know what that leopard print is all about!

Steven Moriarty July 2009
A year on, Steven has achieved celebrity and is featuring in BB magazines.
At this degree of muscular development I think many men would stop - and in this picture he really does look a real man. What a beautiful face and I have no quarrel with the skimpy trunks either!

Just in case you think Body Builders are narcicistic wimps, this cage fighting picture taken in September the same year shows that Steven is no pussy,
he's giving that fella a real pasting!

On his profile, Steven's e-moniker is 'Man of Steel'.
I'm certainly not going to argue with him!

October 2009
Body building Competitions produce curious, temporary aging effects as the men strive to minimise the fat covering their muscles. This picture was taken later in the same year as the contest picture above, but Stephen looks much younger here. In fact it compares rather nicely with the 2005 pose we started with, you can see the same young man in his face, but what a difference difference to his body.
He's not getting any tidier though!

To be continued.......

Top image is by Rick Day, Yellow bikini image by Muscular Development The other pictures are borrowed with thanks from Stephen Moriarty's public profile,  Man of Steel at

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Hethong - Male Spanking

Hethong - Domestic Affairs - 1
 The pictures of Hethong often feature massively muscular (often black) men in control of herds of weedy-looking, hairless, white slaves. He has fascinating ideas, but the slaves often seem a bit too much like boys to be eligible for posting here at 'mitchmen'. That same sense of size and domination permeates this 'domestic' group too, but the junior partner here is unmistakeably adult with plenty of head and body hair.

Hethong - Domestic Affairs - 2
This picture is terrific, the faces of the two men are beautifully expressed and there's dynamic feel about the spanking action which isn't always true of Computer Generated Images. I love the racial ingredient and it's always good to see clothes being used to add extra character.

You can see many more Hethong pictures at his blog  He Thong Art

Thursday, 21 March 2013

First catch your rogue - 2

 I've borrowed these images from Chirenon Rules Blog
 and added mitchmen style dialogue.

click image to enlarge

Poor Lukas didn't do his homework properly. He'd found out that the owners of the house owned valuable antiques and that they had gone away on holiday. But he didn't know they'd asked their son, Dick, who's normally away at College, to look after the house while they were gone.

Dick was Captain of the College Rugby First XV, a Judo black belt and an exponent of kick-boxing.

So, when Lukas broke in, he was quickly caught in the act, over-powered and subjected to a painful and rather humiliating demonstration of Dick's Martial Arts skills.
 .......which persuaded him to agree to an unusual way of making reparation.

Cheer up Lukas! His parents will be back again in another 10 days!
He''ll be going back to College then, so he'll have to unlock your cage.
At least, I assume he will......!

With apologies to Chirenon for pinching and tweaking his ideas. His Male Protection blog housed a large collection of male domination  scenarios but has been superceded by a tumblr one. Much of it is twinky or fem but there's some adult male to male stuff too, worth a look. Search using 'Chirenon'.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Riding The Wedge - Etienne

I am indebted to Roy D for reminding me of this splendid, rustic 'Wedge' by Stephen (aka Etienne). It's from his 'Hot Broncs' group of 6 cowboy pictures and is one of his better drawings with some excellent detail, like the tumbled heap of clothes and background scenery.  The two bullies having a laugh at the young (and improbably cute) Sheriff's expense are also depicted rather well, showing a nice bit of male bonding. 

I love the way the captive's feet are tied to the stretcher underneath to prevent escape, something similar happens in the Bound Gods examples I posted earlier. The nipple clamp/cock ring device naturally captures the viewer's attention but the little, spiky branchlet sticking out underneath hints at other discomforts Stephen might have profitably explored instead.

To make it easier to read these scattered posts I have added a new label 'riding the wedge', just click on it below to see the complete set of entries.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Men Sharing Clothes - 13 Red Sparkly Shirts

 An occasional series, in which male models are made to wear clothes previously 'scented' by someone else.

 Jack Union by JimmyZ

This gentleman, imaginatively tagged 'Big Brit' by Jimmy Z looks as if he'd be more at home in rugby kit than sparkly shirt and hipster jeans, but he fills them out impressively! He looks as if he's just trotted in after a long hard match or a sweaty training session - and we all know what happens if you wear synthetic fibres for too long....and under hot studio lights....sweaty!...... phew!

A few, under-arm fermenting days later...........

Angelo Diabolo by JimmyZ

Sniff, sniff......'Can I smell something on this T-shirt, Jimmy?.....sniff.

JimmyZ's models seem to have have names that are more improbable than the register of a sleazy seaside hotel, but it's a delight to see their chunky torso's bursting out of gear that looks far too small for them. Perhaps I ought to do a companion series called......
 'men forced to wear clothes that are too small for them'.

Joking aside "Jack Union" and "Angelo Diabolo" represent two very contrasting varieties of masculine appeal, both attactive. Pictures by JimmyZ.

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Riding the Wedge - Fellows

Fellows - Riding Lesson

This image by Fellows makes a fine addition to my recent posts on 'Riding The Wedge'
I usually dislike frivolity in fetish matters, but this works as a serious humiliation scenario too and it's rather well drawn. Fellows was not included in my A-Z for 'F', it's an omission which I ought to rectify at some point but not yet as we are soon to launch into the letter 'S'.
Meanwhile you can visit Fellows blog

A reader has reminded me of a 'Wedge' example by Stephen and I have now posted it separately here. Thank you Roy D!
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Friday, 15 March 2013

Mike Carcel

I know that visitors to my blog are greatly interested in the drawings of Mike Carcel (or MCarcel as he signs himself). His entry in my A-Z review of fetish artists, here, is my most visited post by a long, long way. Here are some more pictures by him.

MCarcel - Dirt Eaters

Dirt Eaters is less complex (psychologically) and less bloodthirsty than much of Mike's art but typically juicy! The harem boys are tied and tethered to a post by the neck - a great image. They they watch and wait, dribbling with excitement as they anticipate getting their own turn. In Mike's world, I'm sure, that turn will come (unlike mitchmen-land where their master would be just as likely to make them go without!)

MCarcel - Property of Oz Knots

Shaving is one of my turn-on's, so this rather analytical slant on the process is rather interesting to me. The master here is very obsessive. Every last follicle removed from the captive's body has been collected up and stored in an appropriately labelled pot, indicating it's origin. I'm not sure what the purpose of this procedure is, but it reduces the man to the status of a mere lab rat or a farmed beast (!)
N.B. Etienne used the same device of segregating various hair types in one of his pictures, but I don't know if Mike was influenced by his imagery.
Mike doesn't put much into his body shading but it looks as if the captive's shaved body has also been oiled (a guess corroborated by the bottle on the floor) to make him gleam for his master, it's an essential part of the ritual in my book, highlighting the newly revealed smoothness.
This is a sort of crucifixion image but Mike's restraint device has no upright pole, fiendishly allowing full access from behind, to allow unrestricted use of dildos and the carelessly discarded whip as the scene intensifies.

(btw Oz Knots is a well-known bondage fetish personality)

M Carcel - Make It Hard

Like the other pictures in this selection, this one is light on blood and impalements, which I suppose are Mike's true hallmarks, but I prefer this sort of lead-in to such dramas and story-telling here is beautiful. Carcel has depicted a 'sub' who seems young, inexperienced and perhaps a bit naive. The pout of the mouth and slightly weak chin is very expressive - as is the passivity in his tied hands. It's possibly his first time in Carcel's domain, he still has all his body hair, but an eye-catching haircut suggests a boyish, adventurous nature. He watches preparations for his own S&M trial with detached curiosity, but excitement is also evident. Perhaps he does not realise that if the rope is pulled tight and he is lifted off the ground, only the strength in his own arms will prevent the noose from tightening round his neck. The only help he can expect is support via rear penetration which his captors no doubt have in mind.

 MCarcel - Ashamed

An example of innovative bondage with intent. The wooden block spacers between the ankles and (more unusually) the knees hold the captive's legs apart, in a position that is uncomfortable and subtly erotic, working along the same lines as the Wedge devices discussed here recently.  However, movie and theatre buffs will also recall the more brutal purpose of such wooden blocks in 'Misery'. The apparent cropping of this picture may have removed the other half of this particular puzzle. However, this particular offender may have other, more pressing things to worry about in due course.

M Carcel - Balance

Nice figure drawing and a good looking composition here, but I'm not sure what other balancing is involved (or possible) here with those ultra restricting ties. Carcel's captions are often inscrutable! The screw action appears to have a secondary purpose of dynamically altering the shape of the bondage frame, which is sexy, but probably over-optimistic in engineering terms.   I used a similar screw device in my own bondage furniture series (see it posted at the mitchmen Yahoo! group)

MCarcel - Beating
The arching male body always pleases me. This is a good old fashioned whipping which seems to have left the victim surprisingly content, no wonder the master looks puzzled and annoyed! I like the simplicity of this image - both the composition and the bondage involved. Even in this 'resting' pose, it seems to allow you to perceive a element of life/movement in the swaying body, a sense which is absent from the totally fixed restraint of 'Balance' above.

Carcel's pictures are usually devoid of fetish devices like gags or any other clothing for that matter, nor does he show backgrounds. This lack of conventional erotic references gives the images an abstract quality, I suppose you might say purity, which is both intriguing and puzzling. His complex depictions of gruesome rituals can be totally mystifying - but riveting - and I use that word advisedly! You do get the sense that you are looking at something important whether it be just a window on Carcel's self expression, his soul, or one's own teeth-gritting response to the image. I hope that doesn't sound too pretentious, but it's memorable fetish art.


Mike Carcel's work is hard to find on the open web, because much of it deals with extreme, taboo subjects in explicit and disturbing ways. There are legal issues here and the caution of publishers and service providers is quite understandable. However, his art may be viewed in membership groups which is probably the most appropriate place anyway, away from the eyes of those who are too young or too sensitive. I recommend GMBA2 google group to anyone interested in work of this nature.  There was a giant posting of dozens of Carcel's pictures there recently and they should still be there in the archive. Participation by members is also good. Membership is free, but you have to be an adult. The link is in my sidebar so I can endeavour to keep it up to date if Google gets cross. See also my A-Z post, link at top of this post.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 8

Leo stood in the cellar, dressed in his best white underwear and surrounded by a crowd of men. They were politely jostling with each other, trying to get close enough to inspect him and touch him. He recognised the Plantation owner and the Harem fantasy man from recent sevice calls, but there were many others he had never seen before. There was a buzz of  excitement in the air and he could sense their intense feelings towards him.

If Leo did not know most of these men, they certainly knew him. Ever since he'd arrived here, the Captor had been putting out a 24 hour CCTV feed of him to paying subscribers. His abduction had been planned and widely advertised in advance to interested parties, so they had been able to witness it all: his confused and angry arrival, his initiation into service and his training, step by step, until he could satisfy the basest lusts and the most perverse of men. They'd watched him being caressed and loved by gentle admirers, anxiously tossing and turning in his ropes at night, suffering in brutal rituals. His followers were legion and devoted and now the day had finally arrived when they had the chance to actually make him their own - to take away and keep.

Eventually, the Captor mounted a rostrum at the far end of the room and began addressing the room. The men immediately turned and gathered around him. Leo sat on the steps and watched as his fate was decided. The auction was animated but he couldn't hear anything properly. Now the crowd had moved away, he noticed that there were a large number of cardboard boxes stacked up against the cellar walls, which hadn't been there before, it was as though someone was moving out. There was a round of applause at the far end of the room. The group began to break up and gradually they dispersed. Some angrily stalked out in disappointment, others came back to Leo for a wistful last look before reluctantly leaving. 

Picture by Titan Men

Leo was returned to his cell with no explanation, but unusually he was allowed out of ropes while he changed into working clothes and awaited the first customer of the day. Within a short time, a scantily clad young man arrived, not Leo's usual clientele, but he announced he was actually valet to Leo's new owner and he'd come to measure up Leo for his 'going away' outfit. He casually explained that the Captor had advised him to remove his own uniform in case Leo became too 'emotional' and damaged it, but personally he suspected another motive. He glanced up towards the dome where the CCTV camera was concealed.
Leo tried to find out who had purchased him, but the boy was tight-lipped and would not say.

The next morning the captor breezed into Leo's cell exclaiming "You're going away, Leo! Get into these" and he proffered him a neatly folded pile of clothing which turned out to be a set of Navy fatigues. It felt strangely uplifting, climbing into a uniform again after all this time. They had already been 'worn in' by someone else but they were a perfect, snug fit. When he'd finished dressing the captor tied him up again in a tight hogtie, which was unusual, this form of restraint was normally reserved for night time.

"You look great Leo" said the captor warmly, as he pulled the ropes extra tight around Leo's buns. "Just right for a Caribbean cruise on a private yacht. You'll be on the ocean by tonight. Thanks, Leo - I shall miss you. You've made me a rich man - and I'm outta here too, before those hoodlums come back to dip their fingers in the  pot. Hey! I think that knock means your transport is here!"

He unlocked the door and the valet appeared again, dragging a large sea-going chest behind him. Together they lifted Leo into the trunk, placing him face down and surrounding his body with protective packaging. Then the lid was closed on him, it pressed down on Leo's feet, pushing them uncomfortably against the back of his thighs and he squawked in annoyance, but it was too late. Darkness descended and the locks outside clicked shut. He felt some jarring and bumping as the trunk was secured. Then it was being lifted, carried along, jolting him, jarring his folded legs. Now he heard traffic sounds, they must be outside and he hopefully called out a muffled cry for help. Then there were voices concluding a transaction, the hollow clang of a van door slamming, an engine starting up, then they were pulling away with a jerk that rolled him to one side.

His long journey begun, tears formed in Leo's eyes.
He hadn't even been able to say goodbye.


Pictures for this episode by Bound Guys except where stated otherwise

To read this story from the start go here, then click 'newer post' to go to subsequent episodes, they run in a continuous sequence.

If you like my stories, there are more in similar vein at my mitchmen Yahoo! Group (free membership)

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 7

After weeks of confinement and bizarre abuse, Leo thought his new life held no more surprises for him - and then 'Weasel' Cade walked into his cell.

Leo knew him well, Cade was an East Side lowlife who preyed on the poor and hung around with the meanest scum in the city. But like any weasel, he was hard to nail, he was one of those criminals you just had to harass all the time.
Leo and the other cops did their very best to make life hard for him.
picture by Fetish Force

'Well, well, well, it's Police Officer Carlton', said Cade in his sing-song weaselly voice, 'We'd heard there was a cop here, but I didn't expect it to be you, Leo.
You don't mind if I call you Leo, do you?"

Leo did mind of course, but it was Cade in charge now and he was full of villainous swagger. He even untied Leo's hands. 'You'll service me better with your hands free, Leo, heh, heh, heh'

This might have been Leo's chance to escape, but the door was locked and street fighter Cade would delight in taking a weakened Leo down, if he tried anything
 - and of course, the Captor was always watching.

So when Cade dropped his pants and squirted over Leo's bare chest, the cop could only grip his fists in angry frustration and when told to start sucking, he had to comply. It was the ultimate humiliation, but just the beginning, as Cade extracted a lengthy, painful revenge.

picture by Ebony D

Leo was still nursing his bruises when he was unexpectedly called out again to service two tough looking men. He'd never had a double booking before and although he didn't recognise them, he knew straight away they were underworld characters. They spread him with ropes and probed every recess of his body in a cold, calculating, strangely non-sexual, but very threatening way.

Finally, one turned to the other and said
 'I tink d'boss'll definitely fancy dis bitch cop'.
 'Yeah, definitely' agreed the other, grinning and showing an immaculate row of broken teeth. After they left, Leo heard shouting and crashing noises from outside, then silence.

 picture by Bound Guys

It was some hours later when the Captor finally came to free him. Leo saw his face was bruised and he was escorted back to his cell in total silence.
You didn't have to be a cop to know that this sudden influx of thugs and hoodlums meant trouble - for both of them. Leo anxiously tested his restraining bindings,
he felt a terrible danger.

picture by Raging Stallion

For a day or so, normality (or what passed for normality in the Captors den) returned. Leo continued to serve his lustful, demanding clients. But now the spectre of gangland servitude was never far from his mind. For a cop it was bad enough to be forced  to be a rich man's plaything, but quite another thing to be the helpless butt of toughs and ruthless criminals. 

to be concluded

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 6

Leo's beating by the Plantation owner was mercifully cut short, when a red light came on in the cellar and the Captor, through a loudspeaker, ordered a halt. "No marking the goods! Save it for when he's yours", he added. Which seemed to confirm to Leo that he really was about to be sold.

picture by Titan
He had another very sleepless night. In strange dreams, his mother kept admonishing him for betraying his ancestors. Fortunately, the next day would be easier. This client was a regular, who just wanted to worship his body but the exhausted Leo had difficulty staying awake for him. 

picture by Dream Boy bondage

As punishment, the Captor took him back to the cellar and made him stand, shackled to the wall for 24 hours. With no food and unable to change positions, this simple confinement gradually became an agonising torture, leaving no marks whatsoever on the body.

picture by Bound Gods

In the following days, there were more heavy punishment scenes for Leo. He had to endure prominent city men with perverse tastes and deep wallets, who came to view him and have a 'test drive' prior to the sale. Leo began to understand what the Captor had meant by 'burn-out'.
The red light came to his rescue more than once.
picture by Titan

Fortunately these painful trials were always interspersed with milder work, which though distasteful for the former cop, was at least a respite and quite pleasurable in comparison. Leo could feel that his welfare was being looked after by the Captor, even if it was purely for business reasons.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 5

 The physically brutal, 'Harem' session had really shaken Leo. The client's insinuation that he was destined for a 'disposal sale' had deflated his hopes of release and freedom. As he was returned to his cell, the Captor noticed how agitated he was and secured him more tightly than usual that night, making Leo feel even more helpless and threatened. He slept badly that night,

In the morning, he was awoken early as usual, to eat, perform his toilet and be washed. After this complex overnight body bindings were removed and he was prepared for the first client of the day. His hands were tied in front with simple wrist roping he was gagged with a piece of cloth. In accordance with the clients instructions, he was to be totally nude, not even given underwear.

 Leo was not taken to his usual room, but down stairs to a cellar he'd never been in before. It wasn't a dark, forbidding dungeon, but it's bright, clinically clean appearance was equally disturbing. Here he waited, alone and trembling inside, sensing that something unpleasant was going to happen to him here.

The Captor tied Leo's hands to a post above his head, murmuring encouraging words, then left. Shortly afterwards, a middle-aged man entered the cellar. In his fine clothes, he looked like a southern gent, an impression that was confirmed by his  rich accent when he spoke. He complimented Leo on his physique and stout equipment, it looked just as good as the Captor had described.Yes, a fine looking buck and with an excellent reputation for 'customer service'. Leo cringed as he chuckled.

The man began to examine him more closely. Leo was accustomed to clients drooling over his body when they first met, but this was different, almost like a doctor examining a patient - no, like a farmer inspecting livestock. He placed his hands on Leo's hips to turn him round and laughed because Leo shuddered at his touch. 

 The examination of Leo's rear was equally intimate and thorough but finally the strange man stood back that Leo would make a fine addition to the staff at his plantation. Leo squawked , "I ain't gonna be no plantation slave!" Through the gag, it didn't come out quite like that but the resistance was unmistakeable.

 "Oh Ho!" cried the man "Some spirit I see! Excellent, Leo, my boy, I like that! You get better and better! But insolence cannot go unchecked." He slid his hand lightly down Leo's back, then turned away and took off his coat, hanging it upcarefully on a wall hook. Then he unbuttoned his shirt cuffs and began to neatly roll up the sleeves, revealing unexpectedly muscular arms. From a side table he picked up a riding crop and then advanced towards where Leo was tethered. Leo's legs began to tremble, he tugged at the wrist bindings.

You can see more pictures of Leo at Bound Guys - worth a look
(there's a free membership option)

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 4

At night, Leo did not retire to bed - he was led to it, naked and bound.
Not even a proper bed, but an uncomfortable sofa put-you-up in a basement room, with a gay coloured, 'rainbow' duvet. His captor thought the 'captive cop on a rainbow flag' was hilarious and took photos for the Internet. Leo drifted off to sleep hoping the cops would see them and spot clues as to where he was being held.

In the days that followed, Leo slipped into the routine of being tied and retied, dressed and undressed, all for the amusement of his punters. He became accustomed to being a captive servant of their perverted desires and it wasn't totally unpleasant, once he'd been 'broken in'. His obvious popularity was strangely pleasing to him, but he was told it wouldn't last. He was hitting his target earnings, but these men would soon get bored with him. This was the easy money, he'd soon be moved on to more demanding, more lucrative work. Then his takings would increase much more rapidly, but they had to pace him so he wouldn't burn out too soon. Leo wondered what burning out meant, maybe they'd set him free, one day, with a nice share of the money he'd earned.

Leo's days of duty normally followed a repetitive pattern of bondage trials, interspersed with meals and closely supervised exercising, all designed to keep him in prime condition. But one day, a routine macrame session with a client was suddenly interrupted. The Captor burst in with a very agitated demeanour and bundled the trouser-less customer out of the door, telling him he had to leave quickly. A few minutes later he returned, lifted tied up Leo off the bed and hurriedly carried him to an inconspicuous back room, where he dumped him on the floor and locked the door. Shortly after Leo heard voices nearby, it was the cops, he could tell by the tone and pattern of questioning. He strained to listen and called out (as best he could though the multiple layers of gag stuffed in his mouth). But they didn't hear him, despite repeated efforts. After a while, the voices faded away and he was left, lying on the floor, for the rest of the day.

Before long, Leo's police career became a distant memory and he began to despair of rescue. As he had been warned, his early customers stopped coming and his duties gradually became more exotic and his clients more demanding and cruel. The first 'bad day' was to be an innocent-seeming 'Harem' role-play. It turned into an Arabian Nightmare of protracted ball-binding laced with hot oils. The Middle Eastern client enjoyed Leo's captive squirming so much, that he said he intended to return for the 'disposal sale' and buy Leo to be his permanent Eunuch.

Leo suddenly saw a vision of a much more frightening future.

These pictures of sexy Leo are fragments of larger sets from Bound Guys - go take a look!