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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tom Jones Fetish Art

 This article is an extension of the mitchmen, 2009 A-Z article on Tom Jones fetish art (which has also been updated slightly). In that article I presented a small selection of his fetish work and this expands on that.

Tom Jones - Wrist Bound
A striking, sexy pose which is conceived most simply, 
with long sweeping lines and luscious brush strokes.
It lays bare the vulnerability of naked captivity.

Tom Jones - GI Initiation
This image combines Jones' interest in wrestling with a more overtly fetish subject. There's a confident economy of detail in this picture also but the angular style couldn't be more different to the previous example. It feels as if this was painted rapidly and that energy communicates a sense of desperate struggle to the viewer. There's a subtle disparity in the size of the figures which elaborates on the title, hinting at bullying or even rank.
Tom Jones - Watching a Tawsing
 This looks like an illustration for a story since it's highly unusual for a spanking scene to be relegated to the background of what otherwise might be regarded as a beefcake picture, albeit a remarkably edgy one (if you'll pardon the pun). The internal frame effect that doesn't actually meet up with itself, but connects the two main elements of the picture is also very typical of 80's/90's magazine styling.
This wouldn't belong in a commonplace beefcake magazine though, I would imagine. The details of the foreground figure - Mohawk haircut, very deep collar and nipple rings - take us suggestively into the steamy depths of the real leather fetish scene. This is no dabbler and the delicate shaping of his face seems to reflect a desire to play a subordinate role. We can guess how that plays out I think!

Tom Jones - Plug Gag
 This is intriguing picture. The crude plug gag and the fuzzy sense of threat here immediately put me in mind of the amazing work of RJ Blake (whose own A-Z entry awaits my updating). The impression of tension and genuine restraint is strong but there's a mild incongruity about the man's relatively luxurious hair which doesn't fit the norm for fetish interests (short) and therefore conjures up thoughts about his real life, his occupation and possibly doubts about his eagerness to be here. His tackle appears to be encased in a sort of moulded cock and balls harness which effects a flattering presentation of his goods, perhaps not what one might wish in these circumstances. There is also a strange hint of what might be a band of flimsy fabric (like voile?) laying across his groin area and possibly forming part of the cbt restraint and maybe hinting at feminine interests on the part of him or his captor. (This part of the picture can also be seen as some sort of sheer shorts at a stretch).
Like I said, intriguing!
Tom Jones - Hard
 The nature of the bondage in this picture is not quite so obvious at first glance but it's actually a basic form of a punishment restraint that, thanks to the stick, can be most severe if made sufficiently tight. The thrown back head hints at that as well as creating a more erotic body shape. The wrists appear to be linked into some cbt ropework. This character too has relatively long hair, perhaps a contemporary fashion.

Tom Jones sophisticated, arty style is not unique, but it's highly distinctive in the world of fetish art successfully combining artistry and eroticism.  Tom has a website at TomJonesMen where you will find more about him plus dozens of his pictures. You can get prints of all the pictures featured here plus some originals. Don't overlook the 'illustrations' section.

See also my revised A-Z article on Tom Jones fetish art

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Muscle Morph Art - BuiltByTallSteve

I don't think I've ever featured Muscle-Morph Art on this blog before but it's a genre I have a soft spot for. The underlying idea of taking a man and physically altering him to accentuate and improve his 'best bits' is a very appealing fantasy and has a respectable literary ancestory. I suppose it's also akin to the 'transformation art' I have occasionally featured here. 
This article features the work of 'Builtbytallsteve'.

Builtbytallsteve - Big Stick
'Big Stick' is an archetypal sort of morph with fairly extreme exaggeration of certain parts of the body notably shoulder width and thigh thickness. That creates a wasp waist, adorned and accentuated here by a skimpy black brief. The clumpy boots emulate Japanese cartooning styles but balance out the rest of the image. It's topped off by a very cute face. Placing this idealised creature in a place of physical work adds a sexy frisson.

Builtbytallsteve - He knows what you're looking at
There are similar ingredients at work here but the clothing plays a bigger role, accentuating the altered body shape. 'Builtbytallsteve' has an eye for bubble butts and the skimpy cut and tucked in crack he has produced here looks incongruously provocative on such a big man. Somehow, alluring dress seems to contradict hyper-masculine muscularity. The chunky thighs and elongated legs bring out that skimpiness all the more.

Builtbytallsteve -Kolt
The morphing here is much more subtle, a general reshaping of the body that creates an impression of bulk but retaining what appears to be normal proportions (except for the bulge in his pants!) The model's youthful smoothness has been retained, it's usually lost to muscle definition in gym-honed bodies and the result is strikingly seductive.

Builtbytallsteve -Over The Top
 Talking of muscle definition! As you might expect this artist is drawn to extreme bulk and highly defined muscular bodies but this example is about as far as I go with him. I'm drawn to the pec enhancement here more than the legs which though big seem shapeless. However there's an appealing submissive air to this man. Finely shaped, youthful faces like this don't always seem a natural fit with massively developed torsos and you can sense a sort of apologetic awkwardness in his face and bowed head. The muscle-flexing, hands behind back posing stance, normally powerful-looking, has been relaxed by the artist's intervention into something quite passive too. Add some wrist shackles and you have a fine captive slave!

Builtbytallsteve - Ripped Torso
 You may remember the photo on which this image is based. The erotic downwards plunge of the torso, framed by an off-the-shoulder jacket was always there in the original, but the enhancement of the model's upper body muscularity accentuates the tapering effect and gives that cocky 'come on' look added impact. Irresistible to muscle fanciers.
Builtbytallsteve -Tight Blue Shirt
The artist has transformed a modestly attractive image here but manage to retain believability. For me muscle looks it's best when it's bulging out of clothing like this. The enlarged, button straining pecs and biceps/short sleeves combo is masculinity personified.

Builtbytallsteve -Texas Cowboy
 Which I suppose is also true of the muscular cowboy. This picture features similar effects to the pictures above (cute face, big biceps etc) but is relatively light on visible musculature. However the artist's manipulations here have drawn out the inherent erotic appeal of the jeans and boots. It's also produced an unexpectedly interesting, opening-out effect with the bar-straddling crotch which now seems engaged in an interesting relationship with it's support rail.

Builtbytallsteve -Happy New Year Boys
The morphing here is far from obvious but the tongues are an inspired ingredient, a perfect foil for the voluptuous bodies of these two young men. The artist pokes fun at muscleboys' tendencies to mutual adoration but for the excluded, outsider looking in it's still highly erotic just to watch it (in the same way that straight men get off on lesbians doing their thing). Nice.


All gay artists have the power to create idealised men to populate their work. There is something deeply erotic about this process that is usually much diluted in the final product. Morphers have the added bonus of working with real men (at one remove). The downside for them is that mistakes or miscalculations, particularly with faces, can sometimes produce Frankenstein-ish results. Morph artists like Aquadude and JoeR create excessively, painfully beautiful men and then punish them. Looking at builtbysteve's work however there is little sense of that sort of urge. Neither the images themselves, not the captions allude to anything which we might can fetishistic (except for occasional images I found on his blog where his muscle hunk is caged or chained). This artist must experience the deep satisfaction that comes from creating a new man, but it seems his motive is simply and refreshingly, just cheerful admiration and lust. 
More power to his elbow!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Jonathan's Hooded Villains

 I rediscovered these images which stock-taking my collection of pictures by Jonathan, 
they continue the theme of 'Intruders' in recent posts

This is a relatively early image (signed JT instead of Jonathan). It looks as if an armed intruder might have stumbled on a private spanking scene. He seems to find it both interesting and arousing but naturally his arrival  shocks and embarrasses the playful young men. You can also read the scene as a forced spanking performance or self-inflicted buddy punishment, having found these two in bed together. Or all three! The ransacked drawers of underwear can be taken simply as evidence of their earlier passion or of his search for something to steal..or possibly he wanted something to make their performance more interesting. Either way the white underwear certainly makes the action most entertaining and there's an unspoken question hovering of what he plans to do with them next.

 This later re-working sees the intruder dishing out the spanking himself having tied up the hapless couple, whose relationship is attested by the double bed and, probably, by the melange of discarded underwear on the floor as well. (Again, it's possible that this obvious experimentation may be the intruder showing a kinky interest of his own). What is clear is that the boys are not just embarrassed by his presence, but not happy about what he's doing either, so it's probably just as well that erotic interest is largely left to us with the limited assistance of some nice, snug-fitting underwear again.


This final example is the most polished and there's a dramatic switch of emphasis with a solitary victim whose room, significantly, gives no clue to his sexual leanings (unless you take the sprayed slogan literally). Instead it's the intruder's shared glee in his helpless nudity that is most suggestive, although the visible crotch is ambiguous in that respect. Their contempt however is quite clear and powerfully expressed, not just by the slogan and their direct abuse of the victim, but more subtly in the comprehensive trashing of the young man's room and the foot resting symbolically upon his college T-shirt. 

The overt bondage and nudity makes this the most striking of this group of three pictures but the intruder's smiles seem to show a malicious pleasure that makes the picture's undertones far from jolly. That intensity suggests a lot of emotion has gone into the creation of in this picture

These reappearances of the hooded villain through Jonathan's development as an artist are most interesting and it's not particularly common iconography. In the first two pictures they seem to embody the disapproval and threat that gay men and non-gay spanking fans used to (still?) face from the world at large and the need to hide what they are doing. Our ability to perceive that situation as erotically exciting (as long as it's happening to someone else) is a brilliant example of our brain's capability to rationalise our fears through the power of sexuality. The associated idea that 'they' are all secretly gay anyway, as suggested in picture 1, is a more superficial mechanism to rationalise what is essentially, irrational hatred. In the final image, full of ambiguities, there's a more positive possibility of role reversal, although sadly that can bring it's own guilt to us sensitive types! Well, sort of.

Perhaps Jonathan's art is not as frivolous as it seems!

You can see other Jonathan pictures showing 'faceless' spankers and gay buddies being arbitrarily punished in my A-Z entry on Jonathan. There's information on links there also.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

BareAss Blogs 9

Bareass Baritone

(as long as he's not interfered with!) 

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

BareAss Blogs 8

Bareass Beater, Baseball fan?

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Friday, 1 December 2017

BareAss Blogs 7

Bareass Baby-Posing Beef

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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Home Alone

Andrew awakens from a strange dream and realises he is not alone.

It's a complete stranger

Andrew feels a scary excitement

It's like a wierd fantasy coming true, 
he appeases the intruder, playing for time.

But the intruder works fast, where will it end?

Just then the door opens, it's his flatmate
"Happy Birthday Andrew! How do you like your present?!"
Zane Anders tied up by Jae Amen at Bromo (more..)